Welcome to the website of the Belgian Badminton Federation vzw-asbl (BBF). The BBF is the national Belgian Badminton Federation grouping both main Badminton federations, the Badminton Vlaanderen vzw and the Ligue Francophone Belge the Badminton asbl. Together, both regional federations are good for about 30.000 affiliated members. Badminton is proud to be one of the biggest indoor sports in Belgium. The BBF is responsible for all national organisations within our sport (e.g. national league, national championships, the Belgian Badminton A Circuit and the national classification commission, court officials,...). Furthermore, the BBF is responsible for the contacts with Badminton Europe and the Badminton World Federation, both of which the BBF is also a member association.

We trust that on this site you will find specific Belgian Badminton information like the Belgian national A and B1 ranking, a link to the results of the Victor League (top badminton league in Belgium), the latest news regarding our national teams and much more...

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